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A partnership with possibilities!


We are happy that you are interested in becoming a reseller of products from Good Balance. We are currently looking for new resellers  for our popular energy bracelets. You can also choose to become an ambassador for Good Balance. Read more about it here.

 We are in an expansion phase, take the chance to be part of and share our journey with us!


Retailer of what?


Who can become a retailer?

Good Balance offers you to become a distributor of energy bracelets. 

Energy bracelets from Good Balance can contribute and give you an increased level of wellbeing, greater strength, better balance and improved sleep. Through a high charge of negative ions in the bracelets it affect us positively. In our daily lives we always comes in contact with a large number of electrical apparatus that gives us an increased excess of positive ions. An energy bracelet from Good Balance can decrease the level of positive ions by the bracelets negative ions that makes us feel better.

  • Health stores

  • Fitness center

  • E-Shops

  • Training shops

  • Sport shops

  • Golf shops

  • Compounds

 Do you have a store or a gym?



If you are pursuing a business where you sell services or products related to exercise and health, energy bracelets from Good Balance is perfect for you. You decide how many energy bracelets you want to start with and in what configurations.

Want to know more about the concept/prices etc? You are always welcome to contact us in the form below or through phone/email.




Do you have an e-store?

If you run a shop on the internet, we can provide you with a concept where you do not have to purchase and take a risk through buying an X amount to have in stock. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

All you need to do is to publish our articles in your e-store, and then we take the full responsibility for all distribution. When you get an order, you just send us the customer details and we’ll ship the products directly to your customer in accordance with your instructions. At the end of each month you are billed by us for your total sales.

Want to know more about the concept/prices etc? You are welcome to contact us through email or phone.

How do you become a retailer?


What is the profit?

Send an email to info@goodbalance.com or fill out the form below. 

We provide you with recommended retail prices and you are welcome to contact us for detailed price information.

  We provide you with recommended retail prices and you are welcome to contact us for detailed price information.

Are there any marketing materials?


What is the minimum order value?

We have high-resolution images of all products. These are shared with you through our dropbox or sent to you on a CD.

For all products there are detailed product descriptions available in a PDF document. It also specifies a variety of product information about each product. 


There is no minimum order value at Good Balance and you can combine products entirely how you prefer.

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